Our rich lotion balm is perfect to help get rid of those dry heals and stubborn dry patches.  The beeswax provides a barrier, locking th emoisturizing oils underneath, achieving a soft, supple hands or feet.  Who says you have to go to the spa to treat yourself.

Moisturizing Lotion Balm

  • Active Ingredients:


    Shea Butter-This rich butter has humectant and skin regenerating properties that soften the skin and provides a minimal amount of UV protection.


    Sunflower Oil-High in vitamin E and other essential fatty acids is deeply nourishing and moisturizing. Forms a protective yet breathable barrier that retains moisture and softens the skin.


    Coconut Oil-This gentle moisturizing oil is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy feel and is rich in antioxidants. In soap it provides a luxurious lather is the ultimate skin softener.


    Beeswax-Forms a protective but breathable barrier that softens the skin.Helps to relieve inflammation and is antiviral and antibacterial.


    Rosemary Extract- Powerful antioxidant and astringent maintains skin elasticity and improves skin tone.