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  Beautiful, Functional, and Affordable Beeswax Products in Canada

While we all try to do everything possible to sustain the bee population, it's good to know that they can produce one of the most versatile materials on our planet. Beelites Soap & Candle Company offers a wide variety of premium beeswax products in Canada. All of our products can be ordered via our online shop or purchased at one of our many local retailers. We produce beeswax candles, soaps, lotions, and deodorants. We have even recently introduced reusable food wraps! Start scrolling to find your favorite beeswax products now.

  Shop Small with Local Beeswax Near Me

We ship to many grocers, corner stores, and premium health & beauty stores throughout Canada. Which means you can always find local beeswax near me. Click on our Stockists page for a full list of shops that highlight our lotion, candles, and essential oils. Our natural soaps don't strip your skin, but nourish while infused with your favorite scents straight from the garden. When you buy Beelites, you support small and organic farmers throughout our nation.

  Beauty Products, Candles, and Essential Oils from Nature

What does it mean when you pick up a candle from Beelites Soap & Candle Company? It is made out of 100% beeswax. While our other items are not entirely beeswax, it is included. Beeswax provides a natural and breathable moisture barrier for your skin, retaining key nutrients while blocking out harmful toxins. We also use natural rose hips, rosemary, calendula, lavender, lime, and so many other restorative and fragrant ingredients. You can feel safe when you bring our products into your home.

Click through our online shop, fill up your basket, and check out using our secure system. When you purchase more than $150 of Beelite products, the shipping is on us!

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