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Pure Beeswax Deodorant: The Natural Choice for Everyday Odors

Are you trying to remove more toxins from your daily life? Beelites Soap & Candle Company helps to make it easier with natural options like our pure beeswax deodorant. We remove the aluminum, alcohol, and fake fragrances and add natural options like kaolin, beeswax, rosemary, and coconut oil. Your skin enjoys breathable protection while the deodorant goes to work neutralizing the acidic odors often associated with sweat. We start the process using our own and other locally kept bees to create the beeswax.

  All Natural Deodorant that Works as Hard as You

Find all the scents that you love in our all natural deodorant collection including Forest, Balance, Harmony, and Lavender. Instead of making a product designed just for men or women, our deodorants have mild scents found every day in your kitchen or garden, so everyone can enjoy using them. Some we infuse with essential oils to further support a positive feeling while fighting off the worst of underarm odor. Patchouli, Ohm Mint, and even Charcoal help to balance out your body odor while eliminating toxic ingredients.

  Working with Your Chemistry for a Naturally Fresh and Comfortable Body

Many users of our natural deodorants notice an improvement to the feel of their underarm skin after switching from more traditional products. The beeswax creates a breathable shield between your skin and your clothing, preventing stains. Other natural ingredients neutralize the acids in your sweat to block odor. Best of all, every one of our products is made here in Canada, so you can feel good supporting local businesses and our ecology.

You can find all our Beelites Soap & Candle Company at many local natural and organic shops throughout the country. Click on our Stockists button to locate one near you. If you just can't wait, we always provide free shipping on orders of more than $150. Shop, click, and enjoy!

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