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Handmade Soap from Natural and Soothing Ingredients

What are those ingredients listed on your old bottle of shower gel or hand soap? At Beelites Soap & Candle Company we provide you all natural options for your health & beauty needs including handmade soap made in small batches. We use ingredients found in our own earth or grown by carefully selected sustainable farms. Find your favorite scents like Anise, Cinnamon, or Forest Blend.

Beeswax Soap: Soft, Sudsy, and Aromatic

Do you need a soap that is kind to your skin and the environment? Our beeswax soap is crafted using honey, beeswax and other rich and natural ingredients to create a sweet and gentle soap that enriches your skin. We use both Cold and Hot processes to make our soaps adding essential oils, beneficial root powders or clays, and then curing them until they are perfect for your use.  Why would you put anything that you cannot pronounce on your skin? We use beeswax, honey, flowers, root powders and rich clays.  

Using Nature's Resources for a Healthier Family

We offer a wide range of handmade soaps, including seasonal soaps favorites that were so popular we just had to keep them year round. Scroll through our site or visit your favorite natural health store to find the scent or scrub that speaks to you. Replenish your complexion with our clay facial bars including Charcoal, Glacial Green Clay and Morroccan Red Clay in order to complement different skin types. Splurge and pick up a variety pack of 10 half size bars. Breathe deep as your morning shower becomes infused with the scents of lemongrass, lavender, or peppermint.

Beelites Soap & Candle Company products appear on store shelves across Canada. Find your local retailer by checking out our Stockist tab. Would you like to sell our products? Please click on our Wholesaler information page. If you are stocking up, we include free shipping on orders of over $150.

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