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One of our top sellers, this bar is a light and refreshing blend of crisp lemongrass and sweet floral notes of geranium essential oils. This refreshing bar has the added benefits of annatto seed powder giving it bar a wonderfully rich color and a gentle cleansing exfoliant.

Lemongrass Geranium Soap


    Our 100% natural soap is thoughtfully handmade in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Formulated in small batches, we use a rich blend of oils to gently cleanse and hydrate the skin. Crafted with pure essential oils, root powders and clays, each of our ingredients are intentionally chosen with your skin and the environment in mind.


    Chemical Free - Fragrance Free - Silicone Free - Paraben Free - Sulphate Free


    Key Ingredients:


    Lemongrass Essential Oil - This antiseptic and antibacterial essential oils works as an astringent to purify and tone skin. It is also known to neutralize body odour.


    Geranium Essential Oil - Good for all skin types, this essential oil can treat both oily and dry skin by balancing sebum production. Acne, bruising, pigmentation, and eczema may be improved by its ability to stimulate blood circulation. Working as a deodorant, geranium will release its scent as you perspire.

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