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Beelites Beeswax Natural Deodorant - IT WORKS!!


No Aluminum

No Fragrances

No Alcohols

No Propylene Glycol


While Beelites NATURAL Deodorant is not an antiperspirant to stop the natural process of sweat, it is created to neutralize odor causing bacteria letting you feel dry and fresh naturally. Our ingredients are carefully chosen to keep you smelling great and feeling confidant as you go about your day.


Aluminum free means its not going to absorb into your body and cause potential health issues such as Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer, but it also means there wont be anything to cause pit stains on your clothes.


We use essential oils known to be anti-septic/anti-bacterial (Lavender, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Rosewood)) anti-bacterial (combats infection-) , anti-fungal ( Lavender, Tea Tree)l, anti-sudorific (Reduce Sweating-Clary Sage, Cypress) and Deodorant ( Eucalyptus, Cypress, Lavender, Lemongrass, Patchouli)


Our NO Baking Soda is a Sensitive version for those that have a sensitivity to Baking Soda.  For the Scented option please leave a note at check out as to what scent you would like.

Beeswax Natural Deodorant

  • Active Ingredients:


    Coconut Oil-Contains Lauric Acid which is great at killing odor causing bacteria.


    Baking Soda-This alkaline soft white powder is a natural deodorizer and skin soothing and is one of the most effective ingredients for eliminating acidic odor causing bacteria.


    Arrowroot Powder- Absorbs Moisturen


    Kaolin- Mild clay improves blood circulation and absorbs excess moisture.


    Bentonite Clay-Naturally Occurring clay from volcanic ash is full of trace minerals and is an excellent detoxifier.


    Beeswax-Forms a protective but breathable barrier that softens the skin.Helps to relieve inflammation and is antiviral and antibacterial.


    Rosemary Extract- Powerful antioxidant and astringent maintains skin elasticity and improves skin tone.

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