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Our Hydration is a rich and moisturizing blend of amazing oils, well known for their healing and rejuvenating effects. These oils are carefully blended together as a stand alone moisturizing oil, as well as a formulation with the healing benefits of beeswax to achieve a wonderful creamy texture that will protect and nourish as it absorbs into your skin. It is a very versatile blend, that can not only be used for maturing and damaged skin, but skin conditions such as eczema respond very well without irritation and a long term healing.

Hydration Cream or Oils

  • Active Ingredients:


    Vitamin E- This antioxidant oil prevents scarring and encourages healing. It offers protection to skin cells from UV radiation and other factors that produce cell damaging free radicals. It rejuvenates the skin with reducing the appearance of fine lines and stops the appearance of age spots. It also supports the skin barrier function.


    Meadowfoam Oil- Rich in antioxidants and extremely emollient. Does have some UV protection and repairs damage reducing the signs of aging. It helps the skin retain moisture by forming a protective barrier.


    Macadamia Nut- Closely resembles the skins chemical make up of Sebum. Great for mature and irritated environmentally damaged skin leaving it supple and not greasy.


    Rosehip Seed Oil- High in essential Fatty acids and Vitamin C. Ideal for mature, environmentally damaged skin and eczema. It heals, rejuvenates and softens mature skin, while reducing scarring.


    Kukui Nut Oil-This deep penetrating oil absorbs without clogging the pores. Has been used to protect and heal skin damaged by wind, sun and salt water. Great for eczema, psoriasis and dry or wrinkled skin.


    Evening Primrose Oil-This soothing and emollient oil penetrates deeply while counteracting free radical damage. This skin rejuvenator is healing for mature skin and is reputed to prevents wrinkles. Great for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


    Jojoba- Chemically similar to our body’s moisturizing sebum. This deeply penetrating oil absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue. Suitable for all skin types. Restores natural PH balance and visibly reduces shallow lines wrinkles while keeping skin soft and supple. Unclogs pores in oily skin and restores the natural pH of our skin.

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